Harsh Advice For Unemployed Guys

There are many “producers” that desperately need workers, but the only people that seem to apply for the positions are people that want jobs.  Here is some Harsh Advice For Unemployed Guys.If you are looking for a job to satisfy the State Unemployment Insurance Welfare requirements of “job-seeking” then you are likely not of the character that most producers need. If this describes you and you are not willing to work hard and go through some mental and physical pain facing facts and fixing yourself; read no further. You are worthless in the marketplace, pray for local, state, federal and international governments to speed up the socialization of our planet.  If you have not traded your labor, skills or knowledge for something of value to you for more than 7 days; YOU are the problem.

If you are still reading, I will assume that you truly want to voluntarily exchange value with others in your community. The thing of value that you have to offer is your time, talent, skills, mental & physical elbow grease, personality, ethics, etc… The value that producers have to offer YOU is money, career growth, education in the production of whatever product or service they provide and a sense of pride of you being a producer.

It is the producer’s “duty” to negotiate as much value from you while exchanging the lease value that (s)he currently has. This is exactly what happens in the voluntary exchange between the producer and their clients. Your “duty” is to negotiate as much of the producer’s value for as little of your own value as possible.

All parties in voluntary transactions go above their above “duty” to compete with others who also want the same exchange. This is why producers offer more than their duty, for example, paid time off, a fun work environment, free coffee from the pot, etc. This is why workers offer more than their duty, for example, a friendly attitude, extra work, more efficient work, etc…

So, as a person that truly wants to work, what can you do to compete with others seeking money from producers? Many of the things I will suggest are illegal for producers to ask for or demand from their employees, but are nonetheless important. Most items on this list apply to both white collar and blue collar jobs.

~Good personality. People with weird or unfriendly personalities don’t get hired. I know YOU think you are normal, but maybe you are not? If you don’t smile frequently, if you speak too much, if you “don’t get” jokes, if you are perceived as a geek, hillbilly, wacko etc… employers will not want you. You can change what people see. Ask your friends to write down for you the three best aspects of your personality and the three areas that they think you could improve upon. Allow them the excuse of saying that THEY “don’t have a problem with your personality, but that they think others might incorrectly perceive you as being: 1_____ 2 _______ & 3______.” Let them do it anonymously.

~Clean, well groomed, conservative, clean and pressed clothing. Men; cut your hair. Never wear shorts to a job interview or on-the-job unless and until the employer suggests it. Wear a button-up shirt to your interview, not a t-shirt.  Either hide your tattoos beneath clothing or have them removed. Wash your hair and body every morning and shave every morning… ALL of your facial hair. Do not text message, answer your cell phone or even look at it while in view of your employer or their clients, vendors or others. Think of your cell phone like farting or picking your nose, don’t do it where others can see.

~Care about your service or product and show your excitement. How many clerks have you heard say they are glad that they are almost done for the day. These whiners should be showing excitement that they get to help a great producer provide a great service or great products to great clients. Never grumble about long hours, being tired, your personal problems, etc. This is for your friend’s or therapist’s ears, not for the ears of anyone in the workplace.

~Be in good physical condition. If you are chubby or fat, this shows that you have a lack of personal discipline in diet and that you “don’t care” enough to invest 30 minutes a day (4% of the minutes in a day) jumping rope in your living room or back yard. Get yourself into average or better condition. You can safely lose 2 pounds per week.

Do you have a bad ankle or back or neck? Tell your prospective employer in writing that it is your problem, not theirs. Let them know that it is a preexisting injury and that you intend to work through the pain and NOT claim worker’s comp and thereby raise the employer’s rates with the government. Same with “unemployment welfare.” Let your employer know that you have too much pride to accept welfare through the government’s unemployment insurance welfare program. Be honest.

~Have a good work ethic. While learning the new business, plan to study or practice the skills on your own time without pay. After that, plan to start 15 minutes to 1 hour early every day and not ask to be paid for it. Plan to work hard all day long. Plan to stay after quitting time without pay in order to get the job done. Learn the duties (on your own time) of others at your workplace, perhaps if you are a janitor you could help the bookkeeper with filing? Learn all about all aspects of the business with excitement.

The US government came up with an arbitrary number of hours that consist of a “workweek.” 40 hours is not enough to get the job done.  Most self-employed people work at least 60 hours and many work over 90. They can not afford to pay you time & ½ to work beyond 40 hours, but you should try to sneak behind the government’s back to get at least 50 hours in every week, even though you are officially paid for 40. This is not legal for employers to ask of you, but people that do this are not unemployed … savvy?  Pick up at least 3 pieces of trash every day at your job-site.

~Be on time. If you are not 10 minutes early; you are late. Do not create extra work for your employer. Life happens, kids get sick, great snow lands on the mountain, cars break down, alarms mess up etc… people that have and keep great jobs are always at work when they are scheduled to be.

So, until you find someone to pay you for what you produce, what can you do?

~Plan to “produce” 10 hours a day, whether you have a “job” or not. This can include work-seeking, volunteer work, educating yourself with the reading list below, etc.

~Idea: $2.12 buys you paper towels and Glass Cleaner at the Dollar Tree. A broom costs $1.06. Now, go to a public place and start cleaning stuff. People will ask you what you are doing, which gives you the opportunity to hand them your resume and tell them that your work ethic requires that you work 10 hours a day every day, but that you don’t have an employer.

~ Don’t have a resume?  Find a libertarian-leaning business owner or an accomplished entrepreneur and respectfully ask them to help you make one.  Heck, write to me and I will help you.  It should not take more than 2 to 4 hours to make a great one.  Don’t have a computer or a printer and don’t have money for paper?  Ask 5 local above described business-folks if you may use theirs in exchange for sweeping their parking lot.  I bet 4 will say yes.

~Idea: Set up a large cardboard sign along a highway with letters that are readable at 55MPH that says, “I like to Work, but am not employed. Resume here.” Put a stack of resumes in a plastic bag under a rock by the sign. Now, walk along the highway quickly picking up trash. What better way to demonstrate your work ethic?

~Take 3 hours and read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki
~Take 4 hours and read “High Trust Selling” by Todd Duncan
~Take 4 hours and read “The Millionaire Next Door”
~Take 5 hours and read “Economics In One Lesson” by Henry Hazlitt
~The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Personal Finance in your 20’s and 30’s
~Watch some Mark Cuban and Guy Kawasaki YouTube videos
~Watch some Tony Robbins YouTube videos

Care about not only your work performance but the performance of the company. If the company (yes, that nasty rich owner) excels, so do you. If he fails, guess what. So do you.  Even when you are not officially working, think about ways you can increase business and help market your employer’s business.

Separate work from personal. Leave family affairs, kid or wife troubles, or anything that doesn’t have to do with work at home. It is unprofessional to combine the two unless it is over a couple beers (after work).

Find a mentor.  Don’t make repeated bad decisions and keep wasting your mentor’s time, in other words, don’t complain that you are “broke” and then eat at McDonald’s.  Your mentor will immediately know that you are full of it.  A can of tuna and an apple are quite sufficient for a meal, and can be had for less than $2.
So, what if you were born without all of the “advantages” I was?  (I was reared in a single-parent home, often without running water or electricity.  my mother took welfare and I was never hungry, but we were VERY poor.  At age 18, I had only completed 8th grade, and growing up I did not have a father-figure role model to teach me about worth ethic, business and how to be successful.)  What if you don’t speak well, know how to shave, are busy just surviving, etc?  Contact me.  If I determine you are “serious” and are ready to get things done, I will help you find a mentor in your area.
I absolutely believe that some people are born into such crappy homes that they never realize that they can be successful and self-sufficient.  I recognize that the inner city sucks.  I am sorry that your government has created that environment for you.  There are groups of caring people that seek to help you, contact me and I will put them in touch with you.

“It is your duty as a man to work. You must be industrious, or useless. It has been this way through out history. If you are chipping rock, dividing papers, repairing machines, or directing engineers, you are fulfilling one of your basic duties. Also, You cannot support your family meagerly.  ‘You cannot wish for success, you must only earn it.'”      -Nicholas De Laat, Esq.

If you spend 7 days doing the above well, and you still don’t have a job; YOU are the problem. This is harsh, but true. You might be well advised to go back on the government dole with Unemployment Welfare.  You are deadwood.Do what is necessary to be a producer, not a leech on producers.

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