Shepard Humphries About Shepard Humphries

Hello, I am Shepard Humphries, husband, father & grandfather.  My spouse & business partner Lynn Sherwood and I have been fortunate to pioneer two new sectors in the shooting industry.

Both are offered through our Jackson Hole Shooting, LLC, which remains the international benchmark in luxury entertainment shooting experiences.

I am also involved in a number of other things.


Shepard’s Areas of expertise

“Expert” defined: Someone who lives more than 50 miles away and has a briefcase.

Below I will mention things that I am “ahead of 98% of folks” in knowledge and or skill.  I have learned that there is always someone that is better than I am in every area except for the first.

My philosophy

I have worked many jobs, started numerous businesses, studied, consulted, taught, fallen down, gotten back up, learned, mentored, failed and succeeded many times and in many ways.  I am very fortunate to have had such a breadth and depth of life experiences. – Shepard Humphries

I tend to work hard, get along well with my fellows and am committed to getting things done and keeping my commitments.  My guiding personal principles are honesty, voluntaryness and kindness.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, and am fortunate enough to do this not only as a pleasurable activity, but to earn a living.  I look forward to providing value to you.

Let’s work together for mutual benefit!

How may I help you improve your life?

Let’s begin an email conversation!  – Shepard Humphries

shepard at shootinjh .com