★★★★★ 5 Star Customer Service Training

You have trained your staff, but they have room to grow and improve.

5 Star Customer Service Training in Hospitality

Shepard Humphries & Lynn Sherwood provide 5 Star customer service training for hospitality industry professionals and others seeking growth.

2 hours of training will not achieve “perfection.”
We suggest that a worthy and realistic goal for even a 5% or 10% improvement would be a huge leap ahead!

Why Choose Shepard Humphries & Lynn Sherwood for your 5 Star Customer Service Training in Hospitality?

Lynn was a nurse, then owned a couple UPS Stores.  Shepard was a cop, then owned a mobile service business.  Then, in 2010 they started a brand new business … in an industry sector that did not even exist.  In 9 years, they and their team earned 540 Trip Advisor reviews at the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience.

538 ★★★★★ Star


2 ★★★★ Star

How did they achieve the #1 rating in the Western US?  What makes their service unique?

  • They love serving high net worth guests that have very demanding expectations.
  • Their clients love the service they receive from the team of professionals Lynn & Shepard trained.
  • Lynn, Shepard and their team love working with our referral agents.
  • Luxury resorts and others in the hospitality industry enjoy working with them.
  • They expanded with more activity services with their Jackson Hole Experience Group.  (JHXG)

You will enjoy working with Lynn & Shepard!


Rates October to April assuming travel out of state:

  • $5,000/day + expenses for 1 trainer (1.5 days travel to & from automatically added)
  • $9,000/day + expenses for 2 trainers (1.5 days travel to & from automatically added)
  • $39,000/5 days + expenses for 2 trainers (1.5 days travel to & from automatically added)

*Expenses refer to venue expenses, airfare, training aids, lodging, meals, rental car etc.

*More details on our Customer Service Training & pricing HERE.

*Prices for shorter training sessions can be customized to work for YOUR organization.  From training for specific industries like security guard services to hospitality, each course is customized both in terms of content and pricing.


Again, we will let our record of success speak for itself.  We would be honored to help you achieve similar levels!

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