Harsh Advice for the Unemployed Guy


I wrote this book for poor men that lack direction, need stronger character, and also lack knowledge and life skills. This book will help them help themselves to become more stoic and successful in finances, relationships, reputation and life in general. I offer this work because 95% of the young men I have encountered recently make me dread the future world my grandchildren will live in.

Harsh Advice for the Unemployed GuyI have been poor, “underprivileged”, and have worked my way out of a life that was headed nowhere to a successful and good life.  I see many young men that are in need of direction, just as I was. Many young men have not had a strong, intelligent and successful male guide in their life. I can’t replace having had an incredible and “present” dad by your side for the last 20 years, but let’s give it a shot now, shall we?

I am a nice guy – but this short book is not about being cordial.  

When I was 18 years old, a couple mentors sat with me at Bubba’s BBQ in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and said a bunch of true stuff.  It hurt my feelwings and I cried. My life was headed nowhere good. I needed to get off my butt, get direction, and design a life worth living.  I put my big-boy gloves on and got to it.

Now, almost 30 years later, I am a happily married entrepreneur, grandfather, expert in a couple areas, and have some dollars.  I am offering you some advice in a similar style that I received at Bubbas booth #8 years ago. 

I am going to add some tidbits of things that took me years to learn, things that every man should know, but that few learn until they are old, if even then. Many of my successful middle-aged and old friends “wish I had known at age 25 what I know now.”  In this book, I will offer many small nuggets that the smartest 20% of readers will actually do something with.  

What will you do with what I have to tell you?  

It is up to you. I am releasing this book in April of 2020, a time when governments around the world are making it difficult and illegal to be productive. They are doing this as part of their response to a virus named COVID-19. It is a probability that my primary business will be down by 80% or more this year because of their response, and I have a back-up plan. Did you? 

The things we discuss in this book will help not only the wayward young man, but the middle-aged and older man that finds himself cast into the financial ruin caused by government action. We can survive if we have the tools.

Shepard Humphries

Harsh Advice for the Unemployed Guy

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