Most drivers know the feeling of a rock putting a ding in their windshield.
I repair those dang dings, preventing the ding from turning into a crack that would  require you to get a full windshield replacement. I save you time and stress!

Our advantages:

We are always on time or your repair is free!

We don’t work with insurance companies, instead we provide you with a form letter to send to them requesting reimbursement. You pay us cash at the time of service.

The one and only Shepard Humphries will be your technician. Yes, THE Shepard Humphries!

Mobile Windshield Repair Pricing

Well shucks, that’s the rub. My time is of approximately the same value as a CPA or attorney, and while the actual mobile windshield repair doesn’t take two hours, I allot a 2-hour timeframe.  My windshield repair’s should be $500 each!

The market rate is less than $100, but ask those companies,
“Will the one and only Shepard Humphries himself repair my windshield?”

Yes, I am the guy that wrote the book, “Harsh Advice for the Unemployed Guy.”

I do NOT work with insurance companies, however most will reimburse you for a portion of the repair cost.