We Buy Businesses That Are in Desperate Situations

We Buy Businesses That Are in Desperate Situations

As entrepreneurs, we have had our ups and downs.  In 2010 we spoke to a bankruptcy attorney to investigate options. This sucked. Maybe you have had a personal injury, another personal crisis, perhaps your industry is suffering or maybe the economy is in bad shape.  Maybe you are simply exhausted, fed up and ready to throw it all away?

We can only imagine the despair you must feel when your business, a baby you have put so much love, hard work and passion into, is in a bad position.  We are sorry that you are in this situation.  5 years ago things might have been looking great with an outlook of a steep upward trajectory.  A perfect solution would be for a financially ignorant white knight to ride up and pay you millions.  Unfortunately, that isn’t likely to happen.

Best solution?

We don’t know that we are your best solution, however we hope to be if it is mutually beneficial.  Back in 2017 we reduced our lifestyle, and instead began saving pennies.  We realized that within a few years, there would be an economic downturn, as there usually is every 6 to 8 years.  We

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