Shepard Humphries & Lynn Sherwood own and operate a seasonal luxury shooting experience vacation activity business in Jackson Hole. We are quite good at serving our clients, vendors and team, and we enjoy helping other businesses improve October through April when our hometown is cold.

Our Services include:

  • Customer Experience Audits (Incognito Inspection)
    • Gathering data goes beyond casual observations and include scientific methodology.
    • We are not affiliated with Forbes, and will not report to them.  We are your opportunity to have a “practice run.” 
  • Customized Customer Experience Improvement training sessions for staff, including “What guests from the US expect
  • Basic English classes for Spanish speakers
  • Customer service training can either be our standard classes or customized based on an audit or based on management’s observations of needs.  
  • Website and web presence analysis

*Rates vary based on our customized plan, contact us so that we may learn your needs, determine if we are a good fit and provide a customized bid. (We are a small boutique service, and we enjoy travel Oct-April with bartering often part of our compensation arrangement!)

Sample 5-Star Customer Experience Audit, Solutions and Training Package

Incognito inspection, customized solution development and implementation.

  • Day 1. Consultants arrive at the resort and check into 1 room, observing service.
  • Days 2 to 5. Orders meals (room service & at restaurant)  & observes staff performance in restaurants, asks front desk & concierge about activities, observes service in general at hotel, including requests for special issues and voicing a complaint about something.  Reviews online reputation, complaints, etc.
  • Day 6. Continue data gathering.  Short interviews with management about their observations, concerns and suggestions for improvement.  
  • Day 7. Meet with owners or G.M. to discuss observations and offer recommended training solutions.  Develop custom curriculum for training sessions, while continuing to observe operations.
  • Day 8. Complete custom curriculum development, deliver first evening class for staff.
  • Day 9. Deliver more training sessions. (Filming them) 
  • Day 10. Edit video training footage and provide the resort with a copy for future new staff training.  (Optional add-on of creating short videos of sections based on 5 to 20 topics)
  • Days 11 to 12. Misc & relaxation.
  • Day 13. Exit interview with Owner and/or G.M.
  • Day 14. Consultants check out of the resort.

What does “Customer Experience” mean?

Customer service is about how a customer is served. Customer experience goes a step beyond, and focuses on all aspects of a guest’s experience. I don’t care what we call it, I simply enjoy helping businesses become even better!
Lynn Sherwood

We are not a good fit for you if:

  • You are not really ready to improve
  • You already “know it all” and have a 4.8 or higher Trip Advisor rating
  • You are not prepared to invest in solving problems, eg… your 30 year old pool is filthy beyond a scrubbing, and you are not going to spend the money needed to have it professionally refurbished, etc…
  • You don’t want your staff and facilities to improve, and instead you simply want to bait more guests into visiting a lousy resort.

What you can expect

In most of our Customer Experience Improvement packages, we include a review of your online reviews / reputation. After sending a week or two on site, we will have more data, and we will provide recommendations for solutions.

We will have provided turnkey solutions for as much as we can do while we are there, however we expect our clients to have a long-term commitment to improvement.

This review is excellent intel, we could help this “resort” become so much better!