Use of force claims are up, officer morale is down and public scrutiny is intense.  We provide progressive law enforcement agencies with training relating to managing extremists and reducing the initiation of violence. 

Managing Extremists police training

Managing Extremists – Benefits to agencies:

  • Reduce Use of Force Claims
  • Provide line-staff officers with the tools to understand “fringe” people & crowds
  • Understand “values-based” human action
  • Better predict domestic terrorism and activism

During a successful career in law enforcement including patrol, investigations and SWAT Sniper Team leadership, I had many opportunities to observe and study extremists of various types.  My degree in social science helps me better understand social organization processes.  In later years I have observed various fringe group’s actions, thought processes and communications.  What makes them tick as a group?  What makes them tick as individuals?

LE Training Managing Extremists

I am now able to share my many years of observation and study with the people on the front lines.  I do this with the selfish motivation to diminish the initiation of violence in our world.  It is time that the smartest people in law enforcement are provided with the intellectual tool-set for Understanding and Managing Extremists in a peaceful way.

  • What are the historical and contemporary actions anarchists have taken?
  • How to determine which modern anarchists that an intense risk assessment shows are worth keeping an eye on.
  • Which extremists are prone to initiating violence and which are.