Horse Property

We have a 40 acre property with about 25-30 acres fenced. This area does not have any trees or other shade. It has two irrigation ditches that have constant water.

We have not yet decided if we are going to lease that area for haying or cattle grazing or for horse grazing. There are property theft (tax) incentives to using it for hay/cattle. We tried to dream up an ideal situation that would make it worth it to have a higher property theft rate. This s what we came up with:

  1. 2-4 mild-mannered horses that would graze all summer long for free.
  2. We would not do any horse care. (Of course, if our novice eyes notice a horse is sick or caught up in a fence, we will do the best we can to fix the situation.) We don’t want to have to constantly check on them, feed them, take blankets on and off, check their hooves, etc…
  3. We have permission/encouragement to ride them as much as we want to, based on horse owner’s reasonable rules like brushing them down afterward, not being cruel etc…
  4. We would work out a schedule/agreement. They are your horses and you have rights to them, however if my wife and I schedule a day off work next week to go on a ride, and if we check with you and you say yes – you can’t change your mind.
  5. Both parties agree to hold the other party harmless, in other words, if your horse bucks me off and I wind up a quadriplegic, I don’t sue you. If your horse steps in a badger hole and breaks it’s leg while grazing or while I am riding, you don’t sue us.
  6. I (Shepard) am a very private guy, and I don’t like unscheduled jaw-jacking.  In other words, I don’t want to have to entertain you every day or week or month when you decide to swing by. Heck, even my closest family and friends know not to “stop by” unscheduled. We will text message each other to schedule times when we will meet in-person. You will only use the gate at the far corner of the property for unscheduled visits to your horses. We will probably like each other and we will be friendly and cordial, but we are looking for pasture use, not a new friend to bend our ear.