Is Hospitality Productivity Improvement Possible?  Yes!

Our time study services will be available beginning the winter of 2020.  Successful managers seek constant and never ending improvement and ask “How can we do better?”   We will provide science-based work sampling and work study followed by customized system & process development, then assistance implementing and provide staff training.  This is done with your input and direction, and in the end you will improve your net profit and move toward your 5 star goals!

Whether you are a small boutique resort, cruise operator or an international chain of luxury hotels, you have room to improve.  You have done many things very well and are not “failing” and instead you want to proactively improve.  In the 2020’s guest’s demands are high, competition is tough and the bottom line must improve.  You will benefit from our unique and proprietary methods of analysis, creation of systems and implementation.

“A new broom sweeps clean and an old broom knows the corners.”

“You know your core business and are the resident expert, we seek to serve you with fresh eyes, and help you develop and implement intelligent and proactive improvements.” -Shepard Humphries

What we will do for you, a “typical” 14 to 45 day service:

  1. Your ownership / management is interviewed to identify areas of concern and focus and your desired outcome (Pre-arrival)
  2. We arrive at your resort as “mystery shoppers” and observe, then we scientifically observe, study & document. (3 to 14 days)
  3. We analyze the data using proprietary systems including Mueller Metrics Protocols and compile a summary report.  (2 to 7 days)
  4. We meet with management and discuss results and update our desired outcome for your organization.  (1 to 3 days)
  5. We develop systems and processes while continuing our observation (that will “actually work” AND that employees will “buy into”) (1 to 21 days)
  6. We train employees and assist with implementation (1 to 21 days)
  7. Months later we return to observe changes, tweak systems and provide a training refresher (4 to 10 days)

*Contact us for a more customized project summary.  We appreciate that Aman Resorts, Seabourn Cruise Lines, Hertz, Net Jets and Four Seasons Resorts each have unique needs as does YOUR organization.

You may direct us to focus on any of the following areas:


      • Reception / Reservations
      • Housekeeping
      • Room Attendants
      • Bell / Door
      • Concierge
      • Facilities / Appearance

Food & Beverage

      • Front of house
      • Back of house


      • Reservations / Reception
      • Guides

We also offer:

      • Customer service training
      • Company culture & climate analysis and improvements
      • “Mystery Shopping” services & followup solutions
      • Fairness & Inclusivity assessments & training
      • Better English training

hospitality financial consultation and training

*Time studies / work studies are more difficult in random job positions than in positions that are easy fits for Methods-Time Measurement and similar technology, however our innovative technologies allow us to help you understand your staff's productivity by scientifically measuring non-repetitive work.

Hospitality Productivity Improvement with Shepard HumphriesPricing

We are fortunate to be industry leaders in our niche.  We also care about lifestyle, and frequently offer very significant bartering options.  We frequently travel as a team, and have the positive view that we will enjoy each day and perceive it as semi-retirement.  After all, after careers working 90+ hours a week, working 6 hours a day at your luxurious facility, enjoying your wonderful service is a great value to us!

*Pre-barter fees for our 2-person team are generally:

        • $7,800/day (for 2-7 day assignments)  + expenses
        • $4,800/day (for 7+ day assignments)  + expenses
        • $3,800/day (for 13+ day assignments)  + expenses

Contact us for more details, we look forward to our mutually beneficial relationship!

About us

After 10-year careers in nursing and law enforcement, we (Lynn & Shepard) started and purchased various businesses and spent the next 15+ years improving, growing and selling those businesses.  As entrepreneurs and personal development enthusiasts, we read extensively, attended seminars and in time began teaching the techniques we used to achieve the “top of market” positions in our respective businesses.

We contemplated how we would enjoy spending retirement and agreed that we wanted to stay busy, live in warm climates, enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and share what we had learned with other organizations with a dedication to excellence.  As of 2020, we were able to retire, though not in, “the lifestyle in which we hoped to become accustomed.”

We wondered, spending $500 to $2k per day for a room, food & beverage, how might we supplement our retirement expenses?  It dawned on us, we have a service that costs only slightly more than that!  Why not barter with select resorts for a significant portion of our fees?  We also realized that dogmatic bureaucratic organizations would be screened out by our progressive and unique “barter” concept, providing us with a worldwide extended family of creative, agile and fun organizations with whom to partner.

Contact us for more details, we look forward to our mutually beneficial relationship!

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