I Don’t Answer Questions

I spent almost 10 years as a cop, and have an IQ over 83, therefore, “I don’t answer questions” when interacting with governments. Why?

  1. Misinterpretation or miscommunication: In high-stress situations, people may unintentionally provide inaccurate or misleading information to the police. By choosing not to answer questions, individuals can avoid potential misunderstandings that could harm their case.
  2. Lack of clarity about the situation: When individuals are approached by the police, they may not have a complete understanding of the situation or the specific circumstances of the investigation. By refraining from answering questions, individuals can prevent themselves from unknowingly saying something that could be misconstrued or used against them later.
  3. Protection against self-incrimination: The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution grants individuals the right not to incriminate themselves. By saying “I don’t answer questions,” individuals can exercise this right and avoid providing potentially damaging information that could be used against them in court. At any given time, most people are guilty of many many crimes. State agents, even when smiling and saying, “Hey man, I am just…” are on the side of the state. States are against individuals.
  4. Time to consult with an attorney: By stating “I don’t answer questions,” individuals signal to the police that they would like to speak with an attorney before providing any statements. This gives them an opportunity to seek legal advice and guidance on how to proceed.

If I am guilty of something; I will not talk

If I am NOT guilty of anything; I will not talk.

Game Theory

  1. If I am guilty of something and the cops don’t have evidence other than what I say, if I don’t say anything – I go free.
  2. If I am not guilty of anything and I don’t say anything- I go free.
  3. If I am guilty of something and cops have evidence other than what I say, I will NOT be set free if I say something.

There is absolutely NO benefit in saying anything!