Interwebs Stuff for Small Business Owners

Getting Started: Interwebs & Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners

  • Shepard Humphries
  • April 20 – 22 
  • $149
  • 8 am – 10:30 am

2 person minimum, 6 person max

You are probably really good at your specialty, and you probably hate the techy part of being a small business owner. This workshop is not about listening to the “how to.” You will actually work on your personal stuff as we go along, at the end of class you will know a lot more about WordPress website design, YouTube, social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google suite, basic graphic design and more.

  • Bring your laptop if you want to work-along and “get it done.”
  • Students should have a google account before class.

Part of the reason this class is so highly discounted is that students agree to post an article on their websites regarding Get it Done Web Design’s services.

About Get It Done Website design

Back in 2005 when I quit being a copper, I started a business, then promptly failed it.  Learned a bunch.  Since then I have started a bunch of small businesses.  I noticed that the real pros charge a bunch, and they deserve every penny, just like Lamborghinis are worth every penny. 

I am a tightwad, and 90-hour workweeks are what we do as small business owners, so I figured I needed to learn some stuff.

Wow, what respect I have for graphic designers, website designers, SEO experts, marketing consultants, PR firms, social media producers, YouTubers and all the other stuff.  I am not nearly as good as them!  If mommy and daddy are funding your business startup and you have plenty of money, I am happy for you!!!  I strongly encourage you to hire REAL professionals to do it all.

I only know about 10% of what those folks know within each of their specialties.  On the positive side, I believe in “getting stuff done.”  

Get It Done Website design in Jackson Hole
Private consultation on Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners / interwebs stuff.