Investments – Venture Capital

My wife and I are not “officially” venture capitalists or “financial mentor gurus,” and we do not have millions to invest, however we are passionate about the greatest heroes in the world; entrepreneurs! We have failed and succeeded with a number of businesses and enjoy using our backgrounds to help others, especially when we receive a small slice of the pie. Think The Profit, Bar Rescue or Shark Tank, except on a much smaller scale, and without dramatic scripting.

  • Do you have a small business that is not working out as well as you think it has potential to do?
  • Do you have a startup business in mind that is likely to be successful?
  • Might an injection of capital and advisory support help?
  • If you are doing just fine without us, by all means, continue charging forward with our congratulations!

When analyzing the principals of a venture, our top priorities are:

  • Honesty and forthrightness
  • Intelligence level both IQ and EQ, and also a REELS-based thinking system in all aspects of life (with spirituality being a possible exception)
  • History of successes in related arenas
  • Knowledge of important business and financial topics, well-read or experienced in the top 10 business book concepts.
  • Eager to make changes based on new rational information, eager for our input and direction.
  • Ability to communicate concisely and effectively, without sounding like a business school sophomore writing a business plan for a professor bureaucrat who has not been a successful entrepreneur himself. For example, do NOT come at us with, “we will incorporate dynamic strategies to create a synergy resulting in reimagining of corporate strategies congruent with increasing the bottom line for stakeholders.”
  • Ability to negotiate a satisfactory exit strategy for both good outcomes and bad outcomes.

While we are not sophisticated billionaires, we are also not completely ignorant. 

You must be “invested” in your business with time and money. We do not hand out cash for, “good ideas” or for optimistic passion. If it doesn’t make sense to us – we are not interested.  

  • We are excited about AI, changes due to quantum computing, blockchain possibilities, however we are not tech experts. We are annoyed by “crypto bros.”
  • We love dirty jobs. Appliance repair, home insulation services, plumbing, electrical, welding, mechanicing and other trade services.
  • We see financial opportunities probable in industries that are in line with the new world order, even though we hope the central planners fail. (See and for more information)