Jackson Hole Public Speakers

Jackson Hole Public Speakers Shepard Humphries

Most public speakers are very interested in what they have to say, however their audience is not as enthusiastic.

I care about your group’s time and energy.  I speak on a variety of topics in an educational and entertaining way so that you can sit back, grin and watch your audience enjoy their time, skeptically persuaded to explore new ways of thinking.

Jackson Hole Public Speakers Shepard Humphries


  • Propaganda, How the “Public Mind” is Manipulated
  • Entrepreneurial pursuits
  • Morality & Ethics
  • “A Good Way to Live” See YouTube Playlist HERE
  • Long Range Shooting, from details to business and life analogies
  • Property Rights -vs- “Sustainable Development”
  • Logic, Reason & Feelz
  • Romantic Relationships & Sexuality
  • What else is your audience interested in discussing?

Are you looking for a speaker that is a bit more mainstream or less expensive?  The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce maintains a list of Jackson Hole Public Speakers HERE.