We are actively seeking young adults to mentor. We are happy to help various people at various levels, based on the individual. Our ideals mentees will have as many of the following characteristics as possible, ranked in order of importance, with the most important being at the top of the list.

  1. Shared Top Values
    1. Honest
    2. Strong work ethic
    3. Intelligence
    4. Passionate and consistent about the N.A.P.
    5. Understands and agrees with Voluntaryist principles
  2. Accomplishment
    • We want to help people who are already making things happen.
    • We are less interested in dreamers who have not taken real action
    • We want people who have done more than, “read a couple motivational quotes, and then decided they will make a billion dollars in the next 6 months by inventing something in tech.”
  3. Self-Discipline
    • We were taught by our mentors that their time is valuable, and if we are not going to trust them and take action and be consistent in doing the hard work that is necessary to build a better life: don’t waste their time. We feel similarly.
  4. mmmmmm


About us

We are a couple in our 50’s who are semi-retired and live within 35 minutes of the Daniel, Wyoming 83115 post office. We have spent much of our adult lives seeking to improve ourselves as humans and as producers of value. We have made many of the mistakes that many people make, and we have learned from some of them. Our two daughters, one of whom died in 2018, have not shared many of our values. This is of course just fine, every human must find their own “things” in life. 🙂 This does leave us with a void. We want to help young adults aged 15 to 30 to build wonderful lives, both financially and also the more important stuff.

Contact us to learn more and tell us about yourself. I am Shepard and I have an email address of my first name at shootinjh.com.