Many Days To ThisMy personalized mentoring offers a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth. I do not charge for it. (I love big tender steaks & Vanilla Porter beer) I strive to understand and guide you on your journey, assisting you in defining and achieving your objectives. The process is tailored, flexible, and I encourage you to track your progress. My commitment extends beyond structured sessions to offer continual support. Ready to explore new perspectives and challenge yourself? Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Mentorship is a partnership rooted in commitment and perseverance. I expect you to display discipline in your approach, honoring the time and energy invested in your growth. To make our mentoring relationship worth your time and mine, you must consistently follow through on tasks, actions, and commitments discussed during our sessions. This follow-through is a testament to your dedication and is integral to your journey towards personal and professional growth. Failure to do so indicates that you are not serious. Please do not waste our time.

I respectfully ask the people whom I mentor to be disciplined and to be in touch with me at least weekly, even just a quick telegram like,  “Busy & doing great.” I have discovered over the years that many people “get busy” and that asking for mentorship was just a passing fad. Please don’t ask for my investment of time if you are not serious.

When we have meetings, please have a list of questions, and take some notes as needed. It is helpful to me if you give me the list of questions before we meet so that I have time to ponder.

The books that I recommend to most people interested in entrepreneurship are HERE. If I suggest a book to you, please use my links. (Amazon Affiliate account.) 🙂  A good starting point is my book, Harsh Advice for the Unemployed Guy.

I prefer communication via email, telegram, Zoom and in person.

Let’s do this!


  • Free.
  • If you don’t contact me at least once every 10 days with a progress report or at least a howdy, send 1 Nickle via USPS to me. Seriously.
  • Gifts of steak & beer until you double your current net worth, then more expensive gifts.