My wife Lynn Sherwood’s Easy To Read Lung Cancer Facts

My wife Lynn Sherwood and I had a sad 2018.  Our daughter Lauren died as a result of lung cancer.  We needed “easy to read” lung cancer facts.  Lung Cancer 101 eBook.

When we learned of her illness, Lynn immediately began searching for information.  She found great bits and pieces from many different places.  After Lauren’s death, as part of her mourning process, Lynn recognized that others suffering from lung cancer and their family members might benefit from a better source of information.

      • Simple for the non-medical layperson like me
      • A voice of reason
      • All important lung cancer facts in one easy place

Thus was born this Easy To Read Lung Cancer Book by Lynn Sherwood.  I invite you to check out her comprehensive yet short and “readable” summary of Lung Cancer  Facts eBook.  Lung Cancer 101 by Lynn Sherwood

Lung Cancer 101 by Lynn Sherwood
Lung Cancer 101 by Lynn Sherwood

See Lynn Sherwood’s lung cancer book introduction HERE.