Make An Offer

Do you Really Want Me To Make An Offer?

People have been offended in the past by some of my lowball offers, so I wanted to explain why I try to always make an offer. 🙂

I sometimes don’t need something, however if the price is right; I would buy it. For example, I live way out in the countryside and definitely don’t need a 2020 Ferrari 488. On the other hand, if it was in great condition with low miles, I would pay $20k for one! Yes, it’s value on eBay is more than 20 times that, however it’s value to ME is only $20k.

The same is true with guns, tools and other things. I don’t REALLY need a box full of old tools that might actually be worth $300, but if the box is $10 – count this hoarder in! 🙂  I appreciate it when other people make this kind of offer to me. There are times that I simply “want that thing gone” and based on my values at that time, pennies on the dollar can be just fine. 98 times out of a hundred though, I will cheerfully say, “No thanks.”

So, if you have a thing that you paid $500 for when it was new, you have barely used it and kept it in great condition, and similar ones are selling on eBay for $350, I might offer you only $50. I am not trying to be insulting. Of every 100 low-ball offers I make, I expect to be told, “No thanks” at least 98 times. No hard feelings.

If I have offended you; I am sorry.