Some issues/things I might ask you to do:

  1. “Find any broken links on a particular website.”
  2. “The page background color is currently white, change all to grey.”
  3. “Make a website look more modern and classy.” (This requires some knowledge of what it popular in the visual design of websites.)
  4. “Use the prompts I provide to have ChatGPT rewrite certain posts and pages to be better written.”
  5. There will be extensive use of ChatGPT for writing articles on topics I ask for, and then searching for images that are not copyrighted, and building of posts.
  6. “Research themes and make suggestions for changing the WordPress theme for a site, then implement it.”
  7. I am allowed 20g of space for all of my sites hosted in my Siteground package. “Please find the largest 100 files and reduce their size as much as possible.”
  8. Using Google analytics, find and make a list with links of the 25 posts and 25 pages on that have the fewest views over the last 3 years
  9. Everything else website related

Are you experienced doing all of the above? Tell me about any of the above things that you have not successfully done before.

Application process:


Pleas understand that your goal should NOT be to, “Get this job.” It should be to see if we are a good fit!


  1. If you do not do any of the following exactly as instructed, that tells me that you are NOT a detail-oriented professional. I will NOT respond to you.
  2. Read this: 
  3. Respond to this project posting with a smiley face included in the subject line.
  4. Tell me which of the 14 items on the list in number two above is ridiculous and is only used to screen sloppy people out of this project opportunity.
  5. Provide me with links to 5 or more websites that you have designed /, built / maintained.
  6. Tell me what 3 parts of the job description you are most experienced and skilled with, and which 2 of them you are least experienced and skilled.
  7. Write a few sentences, starting with the words, “Furthermore, it seems to me…” and describe what I should do if I hire you and discover that you don’t already have the skills you promised.
  8. Do you agree to be paid in crypto through This is not a deal breaker, however it is my preference.
  9. If I think we will be a good fit to work together, I will respond to your application email.

I have worked with several workers over the years. My most recent employee is LJ Caranza, who still works with me. I asked LJ to write about what it is like to work with me.

Some of the errors and emails that I don’t know how to deal with, and that you should already know how to handle with excellence: