Quotes by Shepard Humphries

S.P. Doctor Shepard Humphries is a social scientist, author, philosopher and entrepreneur.
Stoicism and Voluntaryism are primary philosophic influences in his study.
A sprinkling of favorite quotes by others are also included.

“A master teacher conveys information in such a way that the student does not feel like they have been “taught” but at the end they know much!” – Shepard “Doc” Humphries

“Of a hundred of your neighbors, I suggest you know more about some thing than any of them.” – Shepard “Doc” Humphries

“It is always exciting when one truly “gets it” and has an “ah-ha” moment about a quote or truism they have appreciated for years. Like a 9-yr-old comedian telling a joke about retired married life, something is missing until that moment one REALLY “gets it.” – Shepard “Doc” Humphries



About Shepard Humphries

I was reared by my late mother.  From her background as a Los Angeles model & Laguna Beach business owner, in her mid-30’s she “found god,” wanted a child but did not have a husband, so she chose to have me.  Before I was turned one year old, she threw away her jewelry, modern life and bras and we moved to the back hills of Tennessee where she soon found a Mennonite community in Muddy Pond.  I guess one could say that she was “searching” and others might suggest she was a bit of a hippie gypsy wanderer. 

Shepard Humphries childhoodI attended private schools through 8th grade, often getting myself to school by foot, sometimes my own feet and sometimes those of my horse Blaze, who I would saddle after milking my cow Sweet Pea.  We often lived in abandoned homes belonging to friends, many times without electricity or running water.  My mother wanted desperately for me to have a “father figure” to help guide me to manhood.  Unfortunately, this never happened to a significant degree.

I piddled with correspondence high school classes, but did not follow through properly.  Mother believed that the mindsets and worldviews of many of our associates in Tennessee was lacking, and wanted me to be exposed to people that had traveled, had unique experiences etc.  When I was 16 years old, we packed up our old Honda Civic with our belongings and took our life’s savings of $700 and headed out west.

We landed in Jackson Hole where we worked in low-caste jobs and made connections with wonderful people. Over the next 30 years I would have many experiences, work many jobs, study formally and self-directed. I earned an Associates degree in English Literature from Central Wyoming College, a Bachelors in Social Science from the University of Wyoming and a S.P. (self-proclaimed) Doctorate in Social Science. I read many books. Many. From these, I always reexamine my understandings of the world and update my worldview. I have strong values, principles and wanted to share some of my favorite thoughts here at: Quotes by Shepard Humphries.