Many women are concerned about their safety.

This book will help you Learn proper mindset, prevention and defense strategies, leading to a life free of violence.

Hello, I am Shepard Humphries.  I don’t like people that initiate violence against others.  I especially don’t like men that initiate violence against women or children or those that use a position of power to initiate violence.  Like you, I want safe lives for women, children and everyone else!  I decided to put my years of experience as a protector to use and do something about it.  Following is a book lecture workshop that will hopefully be helpful.

Violence Prevention & Self Defense for Women

My AudioBook Violence Prevention & Self Defense for Women serves as an easy guide to self-defense for women from a knowledge, mindset and “next steps” perspective.  It was produced to help provide the knowledge and tools necessary to help you reduce your risk of victimization.

Neither my book nor any other tool with provide 100% assurance of safety, and my hope is that your initial and repeated listening sessions, followed by simple application will reduce your risk by at least 50%.

Violence Prevention & Self-Defense for Women

I hope that you decide that your safety is worth your time investment to listen to this short 1 hour & 7 minute Audio Book.  Click the below link for a discounted price of only $2.99!Violence Prevention and Self Defense for Women

Violence Prevention & Self Defense for Women

I also highly recommend my colleague Gavin DeBecker’s book, The Gift of Fear.  Click HERE to order it on Amazon.