I have many interests and love partnerships.  Are you a successful person that likes to team with others?  Let’s talk business or simply come out and try some one mile shooting with me! Shepard Humphries offers:

Shooting - Jackson Hole Activities

Firearms Training

I would love to introduce you to the wonderful world of target shooting with guns!

Please visit our page to find out more about our Multi-Gun Rifle & Pistol Jackson Hole activities.  Shoot with Shepard at the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, we are proud of our reviews!

Please visit our Private Long Range Shooting School page for information on our exclusive Nomad Rifleman private long range shooting experiences: http://nomadrifleman.com

Other training & consultation

As a teacher, I enjoy sharing what I know with others. From shooting sports to understanding persuasion and the human mind to training law enforcement and much more, I enjoy sharing fresh ideas from my unique perspectives. Contact me for more information.

Shepard Humphries offers Security Consultation

Since my first security job in 1989, I have been passionate about helping good people protect their loved ones and other assets.

Shepard Security Solutions
Shepard Security Solutions

Shepard and Lynn

Business Partnerships

We are interested in partnering with great businesses, buying failing businesses and fixing them, trading our business consultation for equity in your struggling business, helping you with marketing and other unique ideas. Shepard Humphries offers unique perspectives that could help save your dream.


We buy struggling businesses or otherwise partner with you for mutual benefit

I have done poorly and even failed in several businesses and I know the pain of losing something that I had invested so much into.  My wife Lynn is a business genius and together we have created many small businesses, studied extensively and learned from our experiences.

I have lived in poverty and I have lived with money.  I prefer the latter, as does Lynn.  We continue to grow our current businesses in Jackson Hole and beyond, ourselves, and we are seeking other opportunities.

How to work with us…

Please contact us immediately if you have an opportunity in mind that we might be able to seize for our mutual benefit!

Partner with us!