Shepism The Religion Founded by Shepard Humphries

Shepism The Religion Founded by Shepard Humphries

I am not a theist, though reared with deep exposure in Christian religions including; Mennonite, Seventh Day Adventist & Baptist.

As I matured intellectually & learned more, I was able to shed my faith and replace it with logic.  I have a Bachelors degree in Social Science, spent 10 years as a government law enforcement officer and have the equivalent of a Masters degree in philosophy with a minor in Austrian economics.

Shepism is a way of living, a way that I don’t push upon others.  My teachings are not absolute, and rather, are offered as suggestions for you to contemplate.  Some will likely suggest that Shepism is not the “one and only true religion” and we agree.  Some will say that our teachings, musings and other communications are often done with a sense of humor interwoven and we agree.  Some will say that we are not a “serious” or “real” religion and we will agree that Shepism can be perceived differently by different people.  

There are some simple behaviors, traits, habits, ways of being, etc,  that if followed, will make you a better person.  This is best for you, and it is best for those around you.

We strive for peace, and set the example for peace.  If a person claiming to be a Shepist initiates violence against another person; they are not a true Shepist.  The non-aggression principal must be adhered to consistently, regardless of other’s actions or perceptions.


One should always keep their word, and when impossible, make things right with those they have harmed.

Religions have historically been about money and power.  While the spreaders of the good ideas of Shepism certainly would like to get money in exchange for the value they provide, none seek power.  Most of the popular religions require or at least suggest a 10% tithe.  In Shepism, we think that spending 10% on “goodness” is a healthy idea, but we hope that you will not spend all of that 10% on Shepism.   I suggest that you spend some buying a book on free market entrepreneurship and gifting it to a person living in poverty or to some other good cause.

Stealing is wrong, even when it is legal according to the rulers of a land.  When Genghis Khan’s brave soldiers took loot from the villages they destroyed, the fact that what they did was legal does not change the underlying fact that taking the property of another without their permission is theft.  The same is true in contemporary times with “taxes.”

teton county lodging tax

Drug use
Our view on drug use is simple.  Investigate all aspects and make your own decisions.  Whatever decision you make, carefully consider possible consequences.  Know that using some substances can contribute to harming others, and when this is the case, it is wise to abstain.  One example would be the consumption of caffeine prior to going to a job that requires a steady hand and that could result in harm if unsteady.  A brain surgeon would be an example.  It is also wise to consider those around you, and be aware that some people will attack you if you use, possess or sell certain substances.  I choose not to use substances that governments tell me not to, it isn’t worth being attacked!  (At least I don’t think it is worth it, I have never tried these substances…hmmm…)

The drug war is farce, and I know this sounds like a “No duh”, however even 10 years ago many people took it seriously.  If you are among the remnants of folks that still think that drugs should be illegal, open your mind and do some research into economics.  Essentially, it is an economic and a power thing.  Research the marijuana and hemp and cotton manufacturer’s conflicts … and consider the huge artificial industry around the drug war.  The drug war is a bubble, and it will burst, mark my words.  There are over 10,000 DEA agents*, and most people in federal cages are there for drug-related issues.*

Imagine how many cops, judges, court clerks, parking attendants, police uniform textile workers, have “jobs” only because drugs, guns, explosives and entrepreneurship are tightly controlled by the organized crime syndicates around the world that humans call “State.”  So long as humans remain chained by the Myth of Authority, few will see this paragraph for more than tin-foil hat conspiracy wacko mumblings.

Hearing voices
Let’s agree that if we hear a voice we think is a god telling us to kill our children, that we do NOT follow that voices orders and that instead we seek help from a psychologist.  It is too bad that Abraham and Susan Smith didn’t read this suggestion.

Pet ownership for renters
Don’t own cats or dogs if you are not a home owner.  Pets are a great joy, and are wonderful companions.  90% or more of rental homes & apartments do not allow them.  Those that do allow them are typically either much more expensive or are in bad condition.  Unless you either own your own home or have a 10 year or more stable rental situation that allows pets; it is wise to resist the temptation of getting a pet.

Conspiracy Theories



n. pl. con·spir·a·cies

1. An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.
2. group of conspirators.
3. Law An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.
4. joining or acting together, as if by sinister design: conspiracy of wind and tide that devastated coastal areas.


Anytime two or more folks get together and talk about doing something bad or illegal, a conspiracy has occurred.  Truthfully, millions of conspiracies occur weekly around the world.  Imagine a biker rally in which a person in the crow yells, “show us your boobs” and a woman flashes the crowd.  There is probably an “indecent exposure” law, so the dude that yelled and the gal that flashed are guilty of conspiracy.  Conspiracies are normal, frequent and will increase as more laws are made.

Why mention this in my religion?  Because examining this topic and making your own decisions is well advised for every person.  As with all areas of thought, examine the words.  For example, would Michael Moore and Sarah Palin agree about what is “evil” or “bad?”  Of course not.  The term “conspiracy theory” is often used as an illogical “name-calling” way to end a debate.  Open your mind and sift through the wacko stuff and come to your own conclusions.  I don’t believe in serpent people.

Rearing children
Let’s be peaceful.  Let’s not have mainstream TV access on a weekly basis, old episodes of things worth watching will be available digitally later.  It is unwise to provide mainstream “news” for children, as their sense of what is good, bad or important will be distorted.  Please do not provide your children with access to violent video games, violent pornography or other influences that could lead them toward interest in that path.

Allow your children to face manageable dangers and to learn from their mistakes.  Have an electrician friend rig up a low voltage wire, and allow your child to touch that wire and be safely but painfully shocked, allow them to put a finger over a candle flame etc.  Of course you will warn them first, but then allow experimentation.  This encourages them to be self-sufficient and to heed warnings from folks that might have experience.


Purchasing a lottery ticket provides hope. For most people, for only $2, there is now SOME possibility of them being a millionaire by week’s end. This provides hope, albeit remote, that their financial problems could be solved. On the other hand, with this “hope” one must be watchful not to become less driven and productive. I don’t tell my followers to purchase or not to purchase lottery tickets, as with other things, I want everyone to think.


Patriotism and its cousin Nationalism are bad for humanity.  Consider it carefully in a fun way with this video.  Be warned that it contains foul language as often heard on government school buses:


Feminism & Racism

Yes, I lumped them together.  They both refer to folks with certain similarities, in this case gender and race/skin color.  Being a certain gender or color makes one different from other folks of different colors and a different gender.  I am black, white, Jewish & Mormon, as well as being a non-theist.  Try to offend me, just try it!  🙂  I don’t choose to rent you any space in my head.  Offend a friend, and from now on I will take action.

OK, let’s get real.  Using the 80/20 rule, we see that women are often better at producing milk for babies than men and are worse at lifting heavy stuff.  Black folks are often better football players than Yellow folks.  This does not make anyone “bad” or “good” beyond that particular task, and it only applies to roughly 80% of that group.  Don’t be shocked if you see a White football player, I have some white friends, and some of them are athletic.

It seems to me that it would be very appropriate for a football team to recruit from predominantly black schools rather than predominantly Yellow schools.  If a young Yellow athlete happens to be an excellent player, he may have a harder path to getting hired, but life ain’t fair.  Oh well.   Large athletic folks tend to eat more than scrawny Yellow folks, so it is not racist when you have freinds over to serve the black football player the larger portion.  It just might turn out that the little Yellow person is a hot dog eating champion, and with open honest communication (as described in Real Time Relationships by Stefan Molyneux) your guests can communicate with you, hopefully in a joking way that mocks racism, that they would prefer more or less food.

Generally, have fun with it in a nice way.  Comedian Carlos Mencia is great about this.  Watch some of his old shows and observe how he has fun with it.  If white, black, female, yellow or male folks get offended, perhaps they have some maturing to do before they are worthy of your time.  Be warned of more government school language.


Life it too short to deal with lousy relationships.  The reason humans choose to socialize is for personal benefit, and this is a good and moral think.  If someone hurts your feelings, is emotionally or physically violent, is dishonest, lazy, boring, annoying or otherwise does NOT bring you pleasure, do not spend time with them.  The Abramic religions discuss the importance of forgiveness, but without providing a good definition.  

What if someone has wronged you, and they do not see it?  What if someone gifts you with roses every time they see you?  What if someone belittles you?  What if they make you laugh?  What if they did good things but don’t take your praise well?  What if they did bad things and don’t take your criticism well?  What if they have some lousy character traits that are not likely to improve?  I say that it is not your problem unless you want it to be.

If you continue to struggle with the concept of forgiveness, I suggest first defining it, not in mumbly-jumbo, but in logically sound terms.  This will tell you much.  Perhaps you might examine “shrugging off” as well as “forgiveness.”  Take care that bitterness does not stay with you, it doesn’t help you in the long run.  Think of past harms done to you as splinters: they hurt, you removed them, and with time the pain and the memory of the encounter goes away, leaving you only with the subconscious memory of how to handle a piece of wood more safely next time.

Know that you can forgive… and then still cut someone off.  You own your body, your time and the products of your actions.  You owe no-one any time, money or, “special consideration.”  Aside from the government, I don’t allow anyone to demand (or guilt) me into handing over anything unearned.

Tithing revisited

We still have not received money, and this is hurting our finances.  Please send money.
I don’t know how to say it any better than this: 

N.A.P.  (Non-Aggression Principle)

The non aggression principle is that one should not initiate violence against any other person.  we each define violence differently, but most Shepists agree that this is a universal rule, and that membership in organizations does not make this principal void, even when the organization is the state.

Honoring Contracts

If you enter into a contract with someone else; perform it precisely.

If you have contracted to pay someone something, whether it is an annual recurring payment or a one-time payment, do so by the agreed upon time.   Have you ever had someone violate a contract, and then make an excuse like, “I was going to pay my rent, but I have to wait for my check to arrive before I can.”  This is a manipulative way to be a liar & thief.  It is irrelevant what woeful thing happened that the debtor did not pay, and the debtor should not tell the person whom he owes about his woes, they are not relevant.  It is none of the collector’s business and it it not at all relevant to the contract.  The contract did not say that the tenant would pay “if they have the money” because that would be ridiculous.


Groom yourself well.  Don’t be scruffy.  MORE

Communicate well

The cycle of communication includes one person sending a message, an audience receiving that message, and then confirming that they received it.  Make certain that the person to whom you are speaking can hear you, considering background noise, their hearing issues, the gum in your mouth and the pitch and tone of your voice.  if someone has to repeatedly ask you to repeat yourself, either speak up so they can hear or walk away.   

In our modern world, consider texting, if someone sends a text to you, it is proper to acknowledge receipt of that text message.  When having a conversation with someone, speak loudly and clearly enough for them to hear.


Be kind to other folks, always greeting them with a smile.

Only perform random acts of kindness if you want to.  Do not do them out of guilt.