Video Editing Projects

I pay $2.50 USD per finished video.

You will take each video I record and share with you, usually 3 minutes to 9 minutes in length.

  • You will add a title
  • Check frame rate to see if Hand Brake is needed
  • You will insert my Intro, typically my video will be me introducing the topic/title for 3 seconds to 20 seconds, then you insert the “Intro”
  • You will insert an Outro at the end.
  • You will add a soundtrack & make sure audio is good.
  • If it will make the video better, you will add free legal stock photos (Pixabay or similar)
  • Also, you will need to listen to the whole video to see if any problems need to be fixed.
  • Please be aware of any possible Amazon products that could be added (If I mention a book etc) because then you can add a pic of the book and we can add my Amazon affiliate link in the description.

There will be an average of 1 to 5 videos each week.

  • You must be able to use Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Your turnaround time needs to be less than 48 hours in most cases.
  • I pay you $2.50USD for each correctly completed video.

How to get this job?

I will give you a sample video to edit, and we will then be able to decide which applicant we will choose.

I made a video of me editing a video, you can see that it should take less than 30 minutes for each one, and I am a self-taught amateur.

Again, I am an amateur, and I can edit 2 videos in an hour, another editor told me it took her only 15 minutes to do a 3 minute video.  I expect you to do a better job in less time, right?  ?  This means that you will me making equal to about ₱260/hour!

Editing skill level?

See my YouTube channel to see what the “typical” video should look like when done.

Are you interested?  Please respond with the subject line being: VIDEO EDITING 1STov

LET ME KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO A SAMPLE.  If so, I will send you a raw video of myself, you can edit it with an intro & outro, include some extra text & pics, and I will see if  I like it.  If I don’t think the quality is good enough to work with each other more, but the video is good enough to put on YouTube, I will pay you $2.50.

If I enjoy working with you, and you think you can perform well at our price, I will hire you for more videos!  ?