Secular Wedding Officiant Jackson Hole Wyoming

Wedding Officiant Jackson Hole WyomingOfficiating secular events is, in essence, performing as a leader/facilitator.  I do not facilitate ceremonies in which theistic elements are involved.  Depending on your desire/need for government approval and recognition of the ceremonies that I help facilitate, please know that not all ceremonial activities are legally binding.  For example, in the governmental jurisdiction in which I reside (Teton County, Wyoming, US), marriage is only allowed between two people and requires certain information to be provided to the government.  Click HERE for more details.

Why might this matter?  For example, if, when asking the government for permission to get married, one party declines to provide their Social Security Number, the Wyoming government will not permit them to be married.  In another example, while I might be happy to perform a ceremony for a polyamorous or other “less traditional” relationship, it would not be “recognized” by the State, and therefore the legal status of those involved would be unchanged, just as with a ceremony in which a government permission/license to wed had not first been obtained.  If you are in the minority who has concerns regarding the above, I encourage you to do legal research and contact me with any officiant shepard humphries jackson hole

If you need a ceremony and either meet the State requirements or do not need legal recognition, let’s start planning!  I look forward to helping make your event wonderful!  Some questions I will ask include your preferred location, number of expected attendees, preferred date and time, shall I wear jeans and a cowboy hat, a suit or something else, will you be exchanging rings, will you be preparing vows to read to each other, would you like me to offer some thoughts, are there any “sticky issues” I should be sure to avoid, would you like to include the ceremony in a shooting experience and of course, what is important to YOU?


Wedding Officiant Jackson WyI officiate ceremonies because I enjoy it, and my fees correspond to my anticipated lost income/opportunity costs of assisting you with your event.  (By the way, our Jackson Hole Shooting Experience offers numerous things to do for affluent Jackson Hole fun-lovers, check us out!)  You will definitely find cheaper officiants in Jackson Hole, I officiate because I find it to be enjoyable when my business busy-ness allows! 

Generally, my fees begin at:

  • $350 October 1 through May 1 (Off-season) for 1 hour at the event in Jackson.
  • $750 May 2 through September 30 (Summer) for evening or early morning ceremonies in Jackson.
    • The first 5 email/phone exchanges are included and each thereafter is $50.  
    • A deposit of 50% is required to secure your date and time.
    • During summer, my portion of morning ceremonies needs to be completed by 1030am, or begin after 3pm.

I am happy to reach out to my friends for witnesses, of which the Wyoming government requires two.  Occasionally someone will join us “just for fun” however typically $150 to $250 will encourage each witness.  We can also flag down a passerby, which is great fun as well!  Recently, I reached out to a local retirement home and quickly found two volunteers. (This will be tough in 2020 due to Coronaphobia)

It is likely that other wedding officiants in Jackson Hole can be found that are much cheaper.  I do hope you will choose to work with me!  I can be contacted through the contact form on this website.

I am available as a secular officiant for weddings, funerals, dedications and other events.  My upbringing was Mennonite, Baptist and Seventh Day Adventist.  In college I became interested in logic, philosophy and social theory.  My intellectual path has led me away from theism, so the events I officiate will not include prayer to deities or ceremonies supporting or indicating an acceptance of faith over reason. I might best be described as a voluntaryist – stoic.  

I recognize and appreciate that many family traditions or accepted philosophic understandings include religious aspects, particularly Abrahamic mono-theistic beliefs, however I respectfully decline to be involved and am happy to help you find an officiant that is a “better fit” if these are your desires.

I am recognized as an ordained minister & wedding officiant in Jackson Hole by the State of Wyoming, and received my ordainment from the ULC almost a decade ago.

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