West of the Winds

This website is for good people living, working and visiting the areas West of the Winds and nearby.
Neighborhoods include Pinedale, Daniel, Merna, Boulder, Bondurant, Cora and many wide open spaces with beautiful Wind River Mountains views.


Service Provider Tips

Our region works on “manana time.” We mention this to warn that service providers in our area are mostly very friendly and knowledgeable, and they do not return phone calls in a timely manner and most have not incorporated email or SMS (Yes, we know it is 2021). You will frequently hear unprofessional things like, “Yep, if the job I am doing over on 40 Rod gets done, I should be able to make it up to your place the end of next week.” 90% of providers will need to be called daily for up to a couple weeks, leaving messages each time. Within a week or two, some will respond to either put you off, or suggest that they “might be able to get to it in a couple of weeks.” Yes, the lack of squared-away professionalism kind of sucks, but most folks in this area don’t wear those ridiculous face diapers that people wear in areas where service providers provide professional service. There are pros and cons to living in rural Wyoming, and in my opinion; tt is worth it!


Rocky Mountain Power / Pacific Power

RMP is the Sublette County electric provider. Their Oregon-based customer service team is friendly and as helpful as call center phone operators have the ability to be. They work hard to be sure your site-specific questions are routed through their systems rather than allowing you to schedule a 15-minute consultation with a boots-on-the-ground professional who could actually provide real answers.

Once you defeat the Pacific Power corporate goal of impenetrable bureaucracy, you will get to deal with Heather and Chris. Absolute professionals who really know their stuff, friendly and helpful! They are top-notch!



A well-kept secret is that there is a plumbing retail store in Pinedale! There are not any signs, but it exists, can you find it?



Good luck. It is probably best to try for a contractor out of Rock Springs or Salt Lake City. 🙁


Well Drilling


Well Cleaning

Sometimes mud, mice or other debris can settle around your well motor at the bottom of the well. It is a good idea to have your well “blown out” and treated with a choline shock every 10 or 20 years. Jeff is a great guy and easy going and knows his stuff! He even uses text messaging!!!!!  (307) 413-1398

Stove and Chimney

Good luck. If you buy an expensive stove and chimney from Sublette County or Jackson Hole companies, they can be convinced to do the install, though lead times are long. If you just want a chimney checked for safety, or some new pipe, it is time to go to eBay and YouTube for your solutions.





Handyman & General Services

ER Handyman Ernesto does some handyman and appliance repair. 307-286-9189



Good luck.



Vance at Spriggs Insulation has 40 years experience spraying foam, and is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.


2021 Burden of Masters

Individual freedom is more available in the area West of The Winds than in many places in the United States. As 100% of all governments in history have always done, local government grows every year in size and in the amount they rule their subjects. As of 2021 however, much of the ruling class remains connected to the people of the area. There are “professional rulers” that are getting a grip however, and are supportive of “greater oversight” and “increased revenue channels” and of course supporting the religion of “sustainable development.”

So far, most neighbors are not busybody petty tyrants though, and if a kid opens up a lemonade stand without a license on land that they have not hired a $20,000 environmental impact study to be done, they will likely not be prosecuted. This is in stark contrast to the most totalitarian and oppressive local government region in the state of Wyoming; Teton County.