My Wife Lynn Sherwood

I get to be married to Lynn Sherwood.  She is my love, my intellectual simulator, my rock and a person I respect deeply!  Her most recent project, fueled by her passion for helping others, is a short & understandable book about lung cancer.

Lynn Sherwood began her quest into lung cancer research in order to make the
best care decisions possible with her daughter, who was diagnosed with lung cancer at the
young age of 25.

With a background in nursing and end-of-life care-giving, Lynn is passionate
about helping others become well-versed in symptoms, cause, diagnosis, treatment options,
emerging breakthrough therapies, quality and quantity of life decisions, and personalized
care options and decision-making ~ mixed with more than a bit of hope, empathy and

Lung Cancer 101 by Lynn Sherwood
Lung Cancer 101 by Lynn Sherwood

My wife & lung cancer expert Lynn Sherwood is able to combine her nursing knowledge, experience with end-of-life care on a professional level and her personal experience to provide an easy summary of the road ahead.  When our daughter Lauren was diagnosed, Lynn did extensive research for many months and found wonderful information in hundreds of places.  She realized that this information should be compiled, made understandable to laypersons and provided to patients and loved ones.  LEARN MORE.