Many people observe the humanitarian work that Lynn and I do in our professional and private lives to bring about joy, peace & goodness in the world and to generally improve the lives of individuals. A number of our followers and even “strangers” have asked how to give gifts to Shepard and to Lynn. The United States IRS says that if we offer something in exchange for money handed to us, the IRS is greatly deserving of a portion of the money that exchanges hands.

On the other hand, if nothing is exchanged, and it is truly a gift of $15,999 or less; no reporting is required. We are just simple folks, we are NOT a 501c3, and gifts to us are not tax deductible. We are committed to being compliant with IRS requirements. If you would like to exchange money for my goods or services, please contact us via email and we will negotiate a fair price and will do it in compliance with the IRS. If, on the other hand, you want to give us a gift of $15,999 or less with nothing expected in return, we will gratefully accept at:

  • Shepard Humphries
  • PO Box 7927
  • Jackson, WY 83002


  • Lynn Sherwood-Humphries
  • PO Box 7927
  • Jackson, WY 83002

Some people are comfortable with us thanking them for their gifts and others prefer to simply act as a “good Samaritan” and keep their identity private. We appreciate and respect both perspectives. When you send gifts to Shepard and Lynn, if we see a name like “Micky Mouse” as the Sender, we will investigate no further and will respect your desire to remain anonymous.

Why do I make this webpage public? We are not wealthy, however we are sometimes encouraged by people who we see doing wonderful things. We would much rather donate money to an entrepreneurial young person or a philosopher bringing good ideas to the world than to an official charity. For example, if we observed a squared away young lady who had started a small construction business, and she wanted to grow her business, we would love to mentor and perhaps gift her up to 1 percent of our net worth. I thought to myself, what if people are curious about what my desires are … what I would do if “money wasn’t an issue?”

My dream would be to spend some months each year in a warm place, spending much of my time in a think tank environment with other thinkers. Most of the year would be spent at our little ranch in our little cabin, enjoying like with my wife and tinkering around the property.

When at our ranch in Wyoming, I would like to have more toys than I feel prudent spending our hard-earned money on. These include:

  • Weekly housekeeper
  • Large mini-excavator
  • adding a second bathroom to our house, perhaps a couple more bedrooms
  • 2 seater- side by side UTV
  • 4 seater- side by side UTV
  • A newer powerful F-350 4×4 diesel pickup
  • Skid steer with many attachments
  • 4×4 Polaris Sportsman 1000 ATV
  • Tractor
  • Front end loader with attachments including a V plow
  • Carbon Cub
  • A welding truck
  • A 3,000 sq foot heated shop
  • Fast AWD sportscar, good for winter driving
  • State of the art woodshop

Thank you all in advance, we use donations to allow ourselves to work less, live well and to provide more good to others for free.

Gifts to Shepard
Shepard Humphries