Book Cover Design Needed

Harsh advice book cover design. This is my old ugly one: 

Please be creative, the layout does NOT need to look like the above linked layout! I think that the closest “genre” would be “self help” or “personal development.”

Front cover specifications:



Harsh Advice for the Unemployed Guy


Tough talk to help unemployed young men achieve great success.


See specs image.

  1. 6” x 9” with 171 pages
  2. I want the thumbnail to stand out on Amazon.
  3. I would like an image/illustration/photo of two men without identifiable faces.
    1. I want the men to look non-detailed enough that the reader can not tell what race they are.
  4. The older man should have body language of strength, wealth, power and kindness.
  5. The younger man should be a bit smaller, appear to be humble and willing to learn.
  6. I would like the image to communicate that there is a long life ahead of the young man.

Final product needs to be in pdf and meet Amazon specs.

Back Cover Specs:

This image:


This text on the back cover:

This book isn’t about “just try your best.” This book contains real-world actionable advice on how to become a more knowledgeable, capable and worthwhile man.

When I was 18 years old, a couple mentors sat with me at Bubba’s BBQ in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and said a bunch of true stuff. It hurt and I cried. My life was headed nowhere good. I needed to get off my butt, get direction and design a life worth living. I put my big-boy gloves on and got to it. 

Now, almost 30 years later, I am a happily married entrepreneur, grandfather, expert in a couple areas and have some dollars. I am offering you advice in a similar style to the advice I received.  I want you to be able to make the next year a powerful year of positive change in your life! How? Quit reading the back cover and open the book – let’s go! -Shepard Humphries


Shepard and his extraordinary wife Lynn live in Jackson Hole Wyoming. They are serial entrepreneurs, human rights activists, small business owners, investors and contagiously positive human critters.



Images that are similar to what I am thinking (I do not have rights to any of these):

One idea is two men sitting beside each other on a park bench with their backs to us, maybe the older man’s hand is on the younger man’s shoulder? Maybe the two men are walking away? (I do not want to the picture to look like the men are homosexual)

The composition is bad (it does not look like a big future ahead), characters need to be changed
I like the idea, but the boy is too young
Good that older man is in power position, but bad is that faces are visible and race is obvious
I like the message that this image conveys, bad is that race is obvious and faces are visible
I like that the older man is in a power position, but bad is that race is obvious and faces visible
Bad that they are in suits, and the background is bad…
I like this one, but the older man is dressed too casually, young man’s hair hints at race.
Showing this emotion, except looking from behind them rather than at them.